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Our Company


Owner, Al Schell has over 52 years in the Muzak industry starting in 1957.  After building multiple Muzak franchise systems for Comcast, Johnson Electronics, Audio Communications and himself owning the Central California Muzak franchise, American Music Network (Fresno 1976) he “stumbled” onto the Hawaii Muzak franchise.  Mary Flemmings has 30 plus years having started with Al in Fresno, CA.  She relocated to Central Florida with Al to build multiple Muzak systems for Johnson Electronics and then moving to Hawaii to develop the newly acquired Hawaii Sound Systems in 2002.

Hawaii Sound Systems has a long an dominant standing in the environment programmed music of Hawaii and have made Mood (formerly Muzak) our choice of sound provider for over 50 years.

Together with our excellent staff we will continue to bring our customers the best products and service in the industry.